Friday, September 26

WORN | Coats + Stripes

There are some givens with the change of seasons that just grind my gears.

The 'Season Change' Cold - SCC

It sucks.

It's inevitable.

You can load up on immunity pumpers if you enjoy haemorrhaging money.

They do not work.

The Changing of the Skin.

What happened to your face?

Spring, my friend, with it's unruly havoc wreaked on your skin via temperamental weather.

There is no mercy shown, even for the most regimental skincare routine.

The Guesstimate Wardrobe.

What to wear, what to wear....?

Who knows?

You will most definitely make an inappropriate choice causing others around you to question your nous.

Consult the mystic, ask Siri, pretend your bf/bff/gf/tindermate is paying attention to your "This? Or this? Do you reckon it will get sunny? Will it rain?" routine but with the knowledge this will not assist you any more than a call centre based in Timbuktoo.

What to do then?

My advice?

Just get dressed and accept the consequences whether you hit or miss.

Wear a dress and a coat. 

Ditch coat when hot.

Don coat when cold.

Hide blotchy face under brim of fedora.

wearing: Thrifted coat, old striped dress from The Warehouse, Dotti fedora, old sneaker wedges from Number One Shoes and bag from Kmart.

Monday, September 15

WORN | Blazer + Jeans + Heels

Before you all go HAM about the basic nature of this combo, gesticulate wildly at your screen or mobile device stating to all and sundry, "What the ACTUAL F**K??!"


I am already well aware.

But I'm putting it up anyway.

Because it's my blog.

And basic is still a positive descriptive thing when it comes to outfits.

As opposed to this.
wearing: The Warehouse beanie, Le Specs eyewear, Tibi silk cami, Glassons blazer, Neuw 'Marilyn' denim, Number One Shoes 'Marlowe Dress' heels and Cotton On pouch.

Though I may have sung praises about these jeans and they have served me well, I also recognise when it's time to replace your staple black skinny and transform your old faithfuls into a DIY'd grungey, slashed knee version of it's former self. 

As far as I'm concerned you need three pairs of black skinny jeans to survive:

  1. All Day Every Day Every Way pair which nips, tucks, lifts and makes you look smooth as f**k on the reg.
  2. The DIY grungy pair for laid back days or cool kid nights and your evidence you give a s**t about the planet by not participating in throwaway fashion but evolving fashion.
  3. The Statement pair - leather panels, wax coating, sequins, lacing, moto detailing, zips, bells, whistles, removable butt flaps - whatever floats your dinghy and could possibly wear you if you weren't such a slick MF. 
I have No.3 [a great fitting wax coated pair from Federation], No.1 is now No.2 [DIY yet to be actioned] which means I am now advertising a vacancy for No.1's replacement.
Now here is where s**t gets real. I need the position filled rather quickly but I don't want to panic buy either. My preference for heavy denim with minimal stretch, low elastane mix and the right pocket placement means walking away with the right pair can take MONTHS. I actually found the best cut jeans in the little boys section of Kmart - the fabric quality is sub par but at $12, they're great for work/play in the meantime and when I'm done, my son can use them.

The journey ahead is a long and arduous one so I'm thinking I'll attack Levis first as they have always been a favourite and I know the brand like the back of my hand but if you have recommendations, leave me the 411 below!

Monday, September 8

WORN | Midriff + Leather + Trainers

The idea of baring any sort of midriff as the season changes from winter to spring is without a doubt, insanity - even if every website, every blogger, every influencer is telling you it's the done thing - insanity. It's still cold and you will look weird. Weird and goosebumpy and insane.

To flash any part of the mid section of one's body after having a kid is also insanity* or a shining example of self love and acceptance. 

I am not a shiny, self accepting or loving person.

I am a self deprecator.

I am also of questionable sanity.

So to find myself opting to expose a slither of my trunk had me thinking I was obviously mentally unstable, had finally lost the sartorial plot and crossed over to "Has No Clue" territory.

Anchored with Reebok Classics, vintage leather pants with the true 80's high waist [and accompanying Mum Bum high set back pockets] and the coat deconstructed and enveloping enough to offset the flash of skin, I felt....okay with it. 

I think that's the key discovery. 

Influencers and fadists can go for the body con and overt baring version of this trend but I'll stick with the more "accidental" peek as my nod to it.

Give it a go.

wearing: ASOS coat, Alexander Wang shirt, vintage leather trousers, Reebok Classics, Le Specs eyewear.

*[unless you were one of those elastic people who grew a bump the size of an easy peel mandarin and sneezed your baby out - yay for you, flash away] 

Sunday, July 13

WORN | Boyish Charm

The Docs have become my winter version of Chucks - easy to wear, waterproof and adding a boyish twist to whatever is going on from the ankles up.
However, I'd hardly call this a boyish 'twist' - more of a 'totality' when it comes to 'borrowing from the boys' or whatever the latest magazine tagline is.

ARGH!!! Too many 'apostrophes'....

I look forward to your words of encouragement for emerging from hibernation - I was roused only from lack of sufficient hoarding of twigs and berries.

How this relates to the price of fish, I dunno.

Call it as you see it - I'm rusty and have the weird border on my image that I can't get rid of to prove it.

wearing: Glassons beanie, vintage duster coat, The Boyfriends Nike t-shirt, Doc 1461's, Dollarstore pearls and my kids school socks.